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Why is my new concrete driveway flaking?

You had a new concrete driveway poured not that long ago. Recently enough that the driveway should definitely still be looking good as new. And yet, it isn’t. Flakes of something are peeling off the top, getting on your tires and your shoes. I bet you would really love to know what’s going on and…


Should I stain or resurface my concrete driveway?

When your concrete driveway or patio was first installed, it was a beautiful color that complemented the look of your home. Now, after years under the southern California sun, that color has faded. One neighbor is telling you that you can bring it back to life with a concrete stain. Another says resurfacing is the…


The earthquake cracked my driveway

Every year, southern California has about 10,000 earthquakes. That’s a cool fact from the U.S. Geological Survey. Thankfully, most of them are so small that they don’t even disturb our cappuccinos and chai lattes. We can get through our morning jogs and yoga routines without missing a beat. The bigger ones over 3.0? That’s a…