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The Driveway Company repairs and restores driveways through tried and tested methods, using top-grade products. We’re the go-to team that homeowners and businesses in St. George trust when it comes to crack and joint repair, concrete sealing, concrete leveling, rubber surfacing, and commercial concrete services.

Situated close to the southern border of Arizona, St. George is a city known for its magnificent outdoor landscapes. It has a favorable climate, year-round outdoor recreation opportunities, and is within close proximity to Las Vegas, Zion National Park, and the Grand Canyon, making it an attractive community for both young people and retirees.

Moreover, St. George has a rapidly growing economy poised for continued growth. Thanks to its strategic location, it also has easy access to big-city amenities, major services, and affordable transportation. All of these factors make St. George a remarkable tourist destination lying near the border of Arizona, offering residents a great place to live and work.

At The Driveway Company, we are happy to serve this flourishing community’s homeowners and businesses. And since concrete driveways and sidewalks play an essential role in everyone’s day-to-day tasks, we do our part by offering punctual, professional, and dedicated concrete repair and maintenance services in Utah. We promptly restore concrete surfaces to allow residents and business owners to carry on with their tasks with minimal disruption.

At The Driveway Company, our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide you with a complete array of services, from concrete crack and joint repair, concrete lifting, and concrete filling to surface cleaning, rubber surfacing, and foundation crack repair. We are St. George’s one-stop-shop for all things concrete.

If you're after excellent workmanship and first-rate customer service, don’t hesitate to call the team at The Driveway Company. Our friendly and professional technicians are always ready to answer your questions, solve your concrete problems, and leave your property and concrete surfaces looking good as new.

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

icon-concrete joint repair

Cracks and crevices in your driveway’s cement not only ruin its appearance —they also pose tripping hazards and expose your concrete to damaging elements such as water and moisture. Considering this, it’s vital to have cracks sealed as soon as possible to prevent accidents and serious structural issues. And if you need prompt and professional crack and joint repair in St. George, The Driveway Company of Northern Utah is here for you. We use the best materials and equipment to seal cracks in your driveway and protect its surface for many years.

icon-concrete filling

Fluctuations in temperature naturally cause concrete slabs to expand and contract over time, creating cracks. And whether they’re on your driveway, patio, or concrete steps, you shouldn’t ignore these crevices. If left untreated, they can easily let dirt and moisture enter your concrete’s control joints and cause them to deteriorate faster. Concrete filling can effectively address this issue, and our technicians can help you with this. Our technicians are highly trained and skilled in carrying out concrete filling solutions that repair your concrete and keep more serious problems at bay.

icon-concrete lifting

Sinking slabs in your driveway, walkways, or sidewalks present different kinds of problems. Aside from exposing yourself and your loved ones to tripping hazards, they also lead to water damage or foundation issues. As such, it’s best to call in professional technicians to stabilize the concrete slabs in your property as soon as possible. Our team will arrive promptly and carry out the best concrete lifting solution for your needs and budget. On top of that, we’ll treat your property with the utmost care and give your driveway a smooth new look, so that you’ll hardly catch sight of the repairs.

icon-concrete leveling

Soil shifting underneath concrete slabs or water settling around their edges causes concrete surfaces to sink. Depending on their size, they can also split. Fortunately, there is a quick and hassle-free solution for this concrete problem, and The Driveway Company of Northern Utah can help you with it. Our specialists in Utah undertake the concrete leveling process using professional tools and top-grade products. But more importantly, we work with a sense of urgency to get your driveways, steps, patios, and other concrete surfaces back to normal in no time.


Regardless of their size, untreated cracks can let water seep beneath your concrete slabs, therefore accelerating their erosion and deterioration. This is why it’s crucial to get professional concrete sealing solutions from experienced teams like The Driveway Company. We apply high-quality protective concrete sealants to close off cracks and protect your driveway from further structural damage. So whether you simply want to prolong the lifespan of your current driveway or protect your newly poured driveway, you can count on us for effective concrete sealing solutions.

icon-surface cleaning

More often than not, the first thing people notice about your property is your driveway. However, since it’s regularly exposed to different elements such as dirt, debris, and moisture, it may look unappealing and battered. If you need surface cleaning to give your driveway a fresh new look and improve your home’s appearance, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our surface cleaning experts can expertly remove years of dirt and grime to bring out the beauty of your concrete surfaces. We also eliminate slippery substances like grease to keep your driveway safe for you and your loved ones.

icon-commercial concrete services

When growing your business, you need to constantly find ways to please your customers and keep them coming back. Aside from offering them high-quality products or services, another way to attract clients is to enhance the aesthetics of your facility. And if you need commercial concrete services to repair chips and cracks in your building, you can call our technicians at The Driveway Company. As one of the leading concrete repair and maintenance teams in St. George, we also carry out industrial cleaning and exterior crack and joint repair for businesses within the city.

icon-foundation crack repair

It’s not unusual for vertical and diagonal cracks to form near the corners of your walls, your windows, or floors within the first year of your structure’s construction. They occur due to the foundation settling down, so they are not always a cause for concern. But if you notice the cracks becoming larger, make sure to get in touch with our trained technicians right away. We have the skills and tools to carry out effective foundation crack repair. But most importantly, we’ll work efficiently to restore your home’s foundations and keep it a safe environment for you and your loved ones in no time.


Rubber surfacing is durable and shock-absorbent, making it a popular flooring option for playgrounds, outdoor pathways, and poolside areas. It not only requires minimal repair and maintenance, but it also helps reduce the risk of possible injuries from slips and falls. And if you’re looking to enjoy these advantages by upgrading your property with rubber surfacing, The Driveway Company is the team to call. Our trained specialists use commercial-grade equipment and products to fit a rubberized safety surface that’s anti-slip and easy to clean, right where you want it.

Why Choose The Driveway Company For Your
St. George Concrete Maintenance & Repair

Take Advantage of Our Three Decades of Experience


We’ve Been in Business For 30 Years

The Driveway Company has worked on different kinds of concrete challenges for more than three decades. And over our 30 years of experience, we’ve built specialized techniques and proven methods to repair issues and extend the lifespan of your driveway.


Our Top Priority is Customer Satisfaction

At The Driveway Company, we want to serve you in the best way possible. This is why our team of technicians arrives at your site promptly, works efficiently, and restores your driveway to a safe space again. We’ll assist you with world-class customer service from start to finish.


We Use the Best Commercial-Grade Products

One major factor that distinguishes us from other companies is our strategic partnership with Sherwin-Williams, a global leader in paint and coating products. With this, we use only the best products and sealants for your concrete repair or maintenance needs.


As a seasoned concrete repair and maintenance company in Utah, we have skilled and experienced technicians on our team. We are prepared to handle all things concrete, but most importantly, all our team members employ a high-standard of service throughout the entire project.


We Take Time to Understand Your Vision for Your Project

As part of our commitment to provide our clients with the best service, you can count on us to invest time in listening to your needs and understanding your unique vision. We’ll also explain your options or develop customized solutions for you to ensure you’ll be delighted with the result.


Although we primarily specialize in crack and joint repair and concrete sealing for driveways, our capabilities don’t end there. We can also help you with maintenance and repair for brick paver and asphalt driveways. On top of that, we provide various services for your patios, pool decks, and more.

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