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For over 30 years, The Driveway Company has helped keep driveways and walkways safe for homeowners and businesses. Our services and expertise in concrete repairs and maintenance in Jeremy Ranch are the best in the area.

Formerly called Gorgoza, Jeremy Ranch in Summit County is a laid-back community whose residents enjoy golf and country club amenities. As the temperature drops from November to February, residents, and visitors can head to the slopes for skiing and other outdoor winter activities.

The real estate in Jeremy Ranch perfectly complements the community’s lifestyle. Homebuyers have a range of striking properties to choose from, including golf houses with gorgeous views of Utah’s mountains and vast, lush golf courses. Many extensive properties offer privacy and exclusivity in this idyllic community.

If you’re asking the question “Is there a reliable concrete contractor near me?” Our answer is yes. The Driveway Company is proud to be part of this welcoming community as the go-to specialist for concrete maintenance solutions.

We offer top-notch driveway repairs in Jeremy Ranch for residents and business owners. First impressions last long, and guests and customers form these impressions the moment they drive up to your premises. You can avoid creating a poor first impression with our concrete lifting and concrete crack repairs in Jeremy Ranch.

Well-maintained walkways and driveways contribute to safe and people-focused neighborhoods. As a local community member, The Driveway Company shares your desire for beautiful, accident-free public spaces.

Call us if you need expert repairs for cracked concrete or uneven concrete pads. After more than three decades in this business, we’ve fine-tuned our techniques for concrete filling, joint repairs, and concrete sealing in Jeremy Ranch.

Our concrete repairs and maintenance in Jeremy Ranch will turn your time-worn driveways and walkways into smooth, flawless concrete surfaces. Get in touch with The Driveway Company today.

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

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Concrete is ideal for outdoor structures because it is significantly durable and resilient against brute force and natural elements. However, it still sustains damage over time. It often starts small: hairline cracks or chipping along the edges or on the surface of the concrete. Eventually, these tiny flaws become more pronounced as cracks deepen and joints become exposed. Before these problems escalate, seek our services for our concrete crack repair in Jeremy Ranch. The Driveway Company can quickly and expertly set cracked concrete and damaged joints right. Our concrete crack repair experts work promptly to ensure minimal disruption to your routine.

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As seasons change in Utah, the shift from one extreme weather condition to another will take a toll on concrete. Slabs expand during the hottest months and contract when the temperature drops. Over time, these movements cause the concrete’s surface to crack and form deep, wide fractures. These flaws pose a risk for tripping accidents: one ill-timed step and someone can trip, sustaining an injury that could otherwise be prevented.
The more significant the damage in your driveway, the higher the need for professional driveway repair in Jeremy Ranch. At The Driveway Company, we use commercial-grade substrates to perform joint caulking and seal cracks and joints. Call us to eliminate these hazards from your driveway.

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If your driveway or walkway stands on soft ground, there’s a danger that some of the slabs would sink along with the unstable soil. It's unfortunate if you’ve settled into your home and only discovered this issue after. Fortunately, it is fixable, and you won’t need to search very far for a “concrete contractor near me” that can do the job.
The Driveway Company is fully-equipped to perform concrete lifting and other related concrete repairs anf maintenance in Jeremy Ranch. We also look out for other potential problems before they escalate into bigger and more costly problems. With The Driveway Company, the concrete on your driveway and walkways will be even and stable again.

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The use of salt and ice melt on driveways, as well as the harsh elements in Utah, can cause driveways to become pitted and chipped. Also known as spalling, sealing concrete should be an essential part of home maintenance. That’s why you should call the experts in concrete sealing in Jeremy Ranch as soon as possible to prevent spalling from happening to your new or existing concrete. As part of our solutions for driveway repair in Jeremy Ranch, we apply a waterproof top-coating that extends the life of your driveway and walkways for years to come.


Concrete is built for the outdoors, but it also needs care and maintenance. Constant exposure to outdoor elements and organic matter like decaying leaves and twigs can cause discoloration on its surface. Loose soil can also cling to the porous surface, creating stubborn spots that are difficult to remove with an average water hose. As such, concrete needs regular surface cleaning at the very least.
The Driveway Company can solve these problems. We do deep surface cleaning for concrete walkways and driveways using non-toxic cleaning agents and pressure-washing equipment. Book our services and we’ll restore your driveway’s clean and brand-new appearance.

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More than creating an excellent first impression, a business should also focus on building a lasting, trusting relationship with its customers. One of the best ways to do this is to have a safe and clean establishment where customers and business partners would want to visit often.
The Driveway Company helps businesses create that welcoming space in their premises through concrete repairs and maintenance. We offer concrete leveling, filling, surface treatment, cleaning, and other relevant services.
You only have to ask if there is a commercial concrete contractor near me in Jeremy Ranch once. Improve the appearance of your business with a fresh look for your concrete services.


The Driveway Company strives to be the best concrete repair and maintenance company in Jeremy Ranch. Aside from improving and maintaining concrete surfaces, we also offer rubber safety surfacing.
We offer Rubapave, high-quality rubber safety surfacing for pool decks, playgrounds, and walkways. It is also ideal for laboratories, piers, and other facilities that deal with wet, concrete floors.
Wet concrete is a safety hazard, and treated concrete with a smooth, non-porous surface is even more slippery. With rubber safety surfacing, the risk of injury from slips and falls will be minimal.

Why Choose The Driveway Company For Your
Jeremy Ranch Concrete Maintenance & Repair

Take Advantage of Our Three Decades of Experience


We’ve Been in Business For 30 Years

Throughout the years, The Driveway Company has been accumulating knowledge, refining processes, and discovering new and effective solutions for all kinds of concrete issues. As a result, our concrete repairs and maintenance Jeremy Ranch is unmatched in the region. Whatever the challenge, we’ve likely already seen and solved it before.


Our Top Priority is Customer Satisfaction

The Driveway Company’s 30-year success is primarily because of our customer-first approach. We always aim to satisfy our clients and exceed their expectations where possible. Even if we don’t specifically list a type of service, we provide it if it's in our power to give.


We Use the Best Commercial-Grade Products

Our services are only as good as the products we use. We use the best products in the market for our concrete repair and maintenance services, from sealants to filling substrate to rubber surfacing. We live up to a high standard for quality, and we don’t compromise because we know it benefits customers in the long run.


We have made the most of the years we spent in this industry by improving our services and becoming experts in concrete repair. We also invest in our people, ensuring that each one receives proper training and contributes to each project. Most importantly, we promote a friendly and professional work culture that shows when we work in your home or business.


We Take Time to Understand Your Vision for Your Project

We understand that clients have unique goals and that no two projects are ever exactly alike. We are flexible with our services and will always have your vision in mind. As your contractor, we will get our direction from you and do everything to translate your plans from paper to reality.


As concrete experts, we can repair and take care of more than just driveways and walkways. Our expertise extends to other hardscapes like brick pavers and asphalt. We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to repair and maintain these substrates, so give us a call if you need services for non-concrete surfaces in your home or business.

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