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The Driveway Company is a well-established team specializing in the restoration and repair of driveways, patios, and other concrete surfaces. For over 30 years, we have been serving homeowners and businesses in their search for first-rate concrete repairs and maintenance in Vineyard.

Vineyard has recently been recognized as the fastest-growing city in Utah. It owes part of its growth to the revival of the Geneva Steel site, which formerly housed a huge steel mill. Today, the site is a multi-use development designed for retail and residential purposes.

The transition into an urban setting has brought many unique and exciting changes to Vineyard. Yet, the city has not shed many of the qualities that have endeared it to people: large parks, pleasant neighborhood pools, and dynamic sports courts. Vineyard continues to cater to both its mainstays and guests, giving everyone a chance to enjoy what the community has to offer.

The Driveway Company understands the importance of keeping the city’s concrete surfaces in tip-top condition. Driveways, walkways, and business facilities should be free from hairline cracks or anything that can make them unsafe to residents. This is why we aim to deliver high-quality and excellent driveway repair in Vineyard.

Our professional crew is equipped to address various areas of concern, such as concrete crack and joint repair, joint caulking, and concrete lifting, for residential and commercial clients. We also use only commercial-grade products secured through strategic partnerships with Sherwin Williams.

This is where your search for the “best concrete contractor near me” ends. Entrust your driveway repair requirements to our friendly and licensed technicians. You can count on us to employ tailored techniques, ensuring your property is in pristine condition.

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

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While concrete is durable, it can incur damage and deteriorate over time without proper intervention from professionals. We have a team of licensed technicians that perform basic to extensive concrete crack repair in Vineyard. Whether damage is caused by extreme temperatures, the freeze-thaw cycle, heavy loads, or tree roots, we hand-tool superior products into the cracks to seal the source of the problem. Our process fixes the issue promptly while making your driveway, front walk, patio, or foundation look appealing and last long.

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We have encountered different types of driveway repair in Vineyard, expanding our industry experience and improving our solutions. Our offerings include the caulking of the control joints in concrete slabs. You can prevent more severe problems like moisture entering the joints by having the professional team at The Driveway Company Vineyard fill the gaps ASAP. You can also rest assured the materials used on your concrete match its durability, allowing your slabs and base to endure wear and tear.

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Damaged concrete driveways, steps, or garage floors not only look unsightly but also pose a serious risk of injury to users. The cracks in these surfaces are also susceptible to erosion, foundation holes, or water damage. Reduce the chances of any of these problems arising by stabilizing broken or cracked paving with the help of our specialists in concrete repair and maintenance in Vineyard. We employ an affordable and simple concrete lifting process that beats the more expensive and complicated procedure of pulling up and replacing the damaged slab.

icon-concrete leveling

While it’s common to use salt and ice melt on concrete driveways under Utah’s extreme winter conditions, this practice can cause concrete surfaces to become pitted and chipped. Also called spalling, this phenomenon can cause your new or existing concrete to deteriorate. Prevent spalling through proper waterproofing done by experts in concrete sealing and crack repair in Vineyard. We apply best practices and use the highest-quality materials to seal concrete surfaces, beautifying and extending the lifespan of your driveway.

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With us as your go-to concrete specialists, there’s no need to google “concrete contractor near me.” The Driveway Company Vineyard comprises highly trained professionals with deep experience in dealing with stains, dirt, and grime on your driveway. Vehicles, bikes and skateboards can take a toll on your concrete surfaces, quickly making them appear worn out. You can depend on our concrete surface cleaning team to enhance your curb appeal and elevate the value of your home. We also use pressure washing equipment to keep your driveway, walkway, or patio looking good as new.

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Our services for preventative maintenance and repair, joint caulking, and concrete crack repair in Vineyard are not limited to residential properties. We also serve commercial clients who want to give the appearance of their establishments a boost and ensure their concrete surfaces are in excellent condition. The Driveway Company’s trained and licensed technicians perform a range of services, including interior warehouse and industrial cleaning solutions. Before we proceed with any task, we explain to you the processes that need to be done and align with your expectations.


Part of our concrete repairs and maintenance in Vineyard is the installation of rubber safety surfacing. This flooring option is affordable, long-lasting, and quick to install. It is also easy to clean and it has a non-slip finish, which provides good fall protection. Our professional crew can help transform surfaces in playgrounds, nursing homes, retirement communities, and other areas where the safety of users is paramount.

Why Choose The Driveway Company For Your
Vineyard Concrete Maintenance & Repair

Take Advantage of Our Three Decades of Experience


We’ve Been in Business For 30 Years

Having done driveway repair in Vineyard for over three decades, our team has encountered about every kind of concrete challenge. We have refined our skills and enhanced our solutions. At the same time, we keep abreast of the latest advancements in our industry to deliver only the most effective and efficient services to all our clients.


Our Top Priority is Customer Satisfaction

From preventative maintenance to concrete crack repair in Vineyard, our services are professionally designed to prolong the lifespan of your driveway, walkway, patio, or pool area. We arrive at your location promptly and complete your project with the knowledge that every project is unique. Further, we know that repairs can be disruptive, so we also do our best to resolve your concrete issues as quickly as possible.


We Use the Best Commercial-Grade Products

Trust The Driveway Company to use materials unparalleled in quality for concrete repairs and maintenance in Vineyard. We have partnered with Sherwin Williams to access the most innovative coating solutions for your concrete surfaces. Further, we complement the high-quality products we use with the correct tools to deliver satisfactory results.


With a local presence across 12 states and combined years of experience, our concrete repairs and maintenance Vineyard team has the capacity to provide professional and personalized services to each client. Our technicians are also licensed and equipped to handle specialized offerings, such as pressure washing, UV resistant topcoats, and waterproofing concrete.


We Take Time to Understand Your Vision for Your Project

Our friendly technicians will ensure you are satisfied after choosing us as your “concrete contractor near me”. Once we arrive at your place, we conduct a deep dive into your situation to ensure we’re aligned with your objectives and expectations. After identifying the issue, we devise a plan to fix your driveway and explain to you our proposed solution.


Aside from maintenance and repair services for driveways, our expert team provides cleaning services for commercial establishments. Our services also span to surface cleaning, maintenance and repair involving other concrete surfaces, such as walkways, patios, playgrounds, and pool areas. And if you have asphalt and brick paver driveways, we conduct maintenance and repair for these too.

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