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Most garages tend to have dull, bare-looking concrete floors that can appear unattractive. If you know your own carport could benefit from a makeover, one of the first things you need to do is find the best material to work with. 

While replacing the cemented floor might be among the solutions that will come to your mind, there are so many things you can do by simply enhancing the existing surface. Getting concrete decoration, in particular, is an excellent way for you to keep enjoying the durability and cost-effectiveness of concrete while breathing new life into your floors. 

What is Decorative Concrete Flooring?

Decorative concrete is still concrete, but it does away with the typical plain, rough gray surface often associated with the surfacing material. Instead, it’s available in different colors, design elements, and finishes to add visual impact to any room or space. 

A remarkable factor about this flooring solution is that it allows you to achieve aesthetic appeal and mimic materials like granite and marble for less cost. It’s also helpful in creating non-slip surfaces, a valuable feature for pool deck projects and other areas where safety is crucial. 

Types of Decorative Concrete 

Your ordinary concrete is transformed into decorative concrete by using various materials and systems during the pouring process, including the following: 

Stamped Concrete 

Stamped concrete is among the most commonly used concrete decoration materials thanks to its affordability and durability. On top of that, property owners love this style of decorative concrete as it can be easily made to look like brick, slate, tile, cobblestone, or hardwood floors.  

Decorative concrete companies press large molds or stamping mats into wet concrete to leave imprints and create a unique, high-end surface. 

Concrete Stain 

Concrete stain is a decorative concrete solution in two types: acid and water-based. Acid stains are used to create attractive, semi-translucent colors in varying hues, while water-based stains are designed to produce finishes with consistent shades and opaque colors.  

Epoxy Flooring 

If you want to add a creative touch to your high-performance garage floors, epoxy flooring is your best bet. This type of concrete decoration creates a solid surface that can resist impact, abrasion, excessive weight, and stains. And the best part? It can also give your dreary garage floors a simple yet elegant and timeless look. 

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating 

Polyurea polyaspartic coating has been largely used in hangers, car dealerships, factories, and other similar industrial environments. This is mainly because of the material’s ability to endure excessive weights and heavy foot traffic. But this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place in residential projects. 

More and more homeowners are choosing polyurea polyaspartic coating for their residential floors because it’s also quick-drying and significantly easy to install. 

Acrylic Cement Coating 

Because of its slip-resistant and heat-reflective properties, acrylic cement coating is a popular flooring solution for pool decks, walkways, and patios. However, it can also be perfect for your garage makeover project, especially if you want to improve its safety and comfort. 

Installing it is fairly easy as well — decorative concrete experts simply need to spray and trowel the coating product onto existing concrete floors. 

Where to Use Concrete Decoration 

Another thing to love about decorative concrete block materials and systems is that they’re practical and versatile. Here are just some of the many spaces in your home that they can transform: 


It’s easy for garages to accumulate all kinds of dirt and stains over time. On top of blemishes from grease and other car fluids, your car can also bring in dust, water, or mud that can soil your carport in seconds. This is one of the reasons why concrete surfacing will always be an excellent garage surfacing choice. As long as it’s properly sealed, your cemented floor will be easy to clean and maintain. 

The good news is that concrete decoration lets you enjoy this practical benefit without limiting you to the plain appearance of concrete. Installing epoxy flooring, for example, can make your carport look spacious, polished, and expensive!  


With most building contractors using concrete as the default flooring material for basements, many homeowners opt to layer carpeting or another flooring on top of it to change up the look and feel of the room. 

If you wish to breathe new life into your basement, know that you can leave your concrete floors as they are. Simply enhancing them with decorative concrete is a practical way to switch up their plain gray appearance without the added costs of installing a new floor. This also saves you from the funky smells carpets tend to harbor over time. 


While ceramic, hardwood, and stone tile are among the most common flooring solutions for kitchens, concrete is also becoming an increasingly popular choice. Since dirty kitchens attract cockroaches, rats, and other unwanted guests, decorative concrete floors make a remarkably practical surfacing solution. They are significantly easy to clean, repair, and maintenance, allowing you to effortlessly keep your kitchen a neat, healthy, and welcoming hub in your home.   


Another area in your home that can be transformed with decorative concrete is the patio. Using stamped concrete, for example, saves you from the extra cost of demolishing and replacing your existing concrete surface. On top of that, it allows you to achieve a textured finish similar to stone, brick, or cobblestones to showcase your style and personality fast and easy. 


Stamped, stained, and other decorative concrete styles can also be a smart choice for your bathroom renovation. Since this space often gets wet, sealed concrete floors give you a highly durable and waterproof surface that can be easily cleaned with a dry mop. 

On top of that, concrete decoration also comes in textured finishes that help create slip-resistant floors. This is helpful if you’re looking to move on from your slippery tiles and wish to improve safety in your bathroom. 

Work on Your Floor Renovation Project With the Experts

Upgrading your home’s floors is an excellent way to upgrade the look and feel of your abode. And if you’re looking for something fresh yet practical to replace your dull-looking concrete floors, know that you don’t have to resort to installing new surfacing. Hiring concrete decoration services is a cost-effective yet exciting way to renew your concrete floors. 

Want to add a unique touch to your garage floors? Let our team of professionals help! As one of the country’s most experienced and skilled decorative concrete companies, we offer you various innovative decoration solutions. On top of this, we provide concrete repair services to ensure you get a smooth, seamless, and stunning finish. 

Call us to learn more! Our fast and dependable experts are ready to turn your old concrete floors into a masterpiece. 

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