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We use commercial-grade products as a result of our strategic partnership with Sherwin Williams.

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Concrete has the potential to be the longest lasting investment you will make in and around your home. However, many homeowners lack knowledge in the importance of maintaining the concrete to ensure it reaches its fullest lifetime potential. The Driveway Company is a one-stop opportunity for your concrete repair and maintenance needs.

Concrete Repair & Maintenance

Concrete Crack & Joint Repair

Concrete Filling

Concrete Lifting

Concrete Leveling

Concrete Dye & Polishing

Concrete Mudjacking

Decorative Concrete Services

Applying protective concrete sealant extends the life of your driveway by sealing cracks and joints. Whether you have a newly poured driveway or want to prevent your current driveway from having issues, sealing is crucial.

Properly sealing your driveway can prevent bigger problems from occurring. Unsealed cracks can allow water to seep underneath and erode concrete. Over time untreated cracks will enlarge further, accelerating the erosion of your concrete.


Top-Coat Sealing

UV Resistant Top Coat

Epoxy/Aspartic & Polymer Coatings

Surface Cleaning

Pressure Washing

The Driveway Company offers the same concrete preventative maintenance and repair services to commercial customers. We specialize in interior warehouse and industrial cleaning and sealing as well as exterior crack and joint repair and sealing.

Commercial Concrete Repair & Maintenance

Commercial Crack & Joint Repair

Commercial Filling, Lifting & Leveling

Other Commercial Services

In addition to concrete maintenance and repair, The Driveway Company offers maintenance and repair services for brick paver and asphalt driveways. But we are more than just driveways! We are happy to provide our services in areas such as patios, sidewalks, porches, pool decks and more!

Paver Repair & Maintenance

Brick Repair & Maintenance

Rubber Servicing


"The Driveway Company, a leading franchise for concrete driveway repair and maintenance, was recently included in Entrepreneur magazine’s 2021 Top New Franchises Ranking."

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