Professional Brick Repair & Maintenance

The one thing brick is known for is its durability. But like all concrete and building materials, a lack of maintenance will lead to trouble down the line.

Sometimes you may face faulty materials, poor workmanship, and even lousy design that will lead to a decline of your brickwork. This is where brick repair and maintenance come in. The Driveway Company will help prolong the life of your brickwork, ensuring it stays looking good by offering our repair and maintenance services.

When it's time to do some cleaning, water damage checks, and brick repointing, it's vital to turn to the experts at The Driveway Company for help. Not only do we have the equipment to get the job done right, but we also have the know-how.

Benefits of Brick and Paver Sealant
Our Paver Sealant has a long list of benefits, including:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Slip-resistant with the inclusion of our grip beads
  • Waterproofs your concrete
  • Walk on it in 24 hours, drive on it in 72 hours
  • Protects against freeze-thaw damage

Common Brickwork Problems

Our Repair Process Includes

Moist Cement

If you have had any repairs with cement done to your masonry, make sure you check up on these, especially if one area of your brickwork doesn't get sunlight. A damp environment can lead to moss or mold developing.

Brickwork Components

If any of the internal masonry components are damaged, you may see a deterioration of your brickwork, which will eventually need repair. These include the lintels, sills, copings, and sealant joints.

Dirt And Grime

Make sure you gently clean and remove loose dirt with a garden hose and a gentle cleaning solution – nothing caustic.

Mortar Problems

Eventually, the weather can start to degrade the original mortar of your brickwork. When this happens, it may be necessary to re-point the brick. Re-pointing replaces the gray material between the bricks when it is cracked or eroded.

Vegetation Issues

Sometimes, you'll have vines set on your masonry that can cause problems. They can eventually erode mortar, block gutters, damage soft wall surfaces, and keep the area damp. Remove vines and roots with care and attention, so you don't cause any further damage to your brickwork.

You Can Depend On The Driveway Company

When managing brick repair and maintenance, you may want to seek advice and assistance from experts. Working with The Driveway Company will ensure your brickwork stays in good condition for a long time to come.

If you are ever unsure about the most reliable repair method, talk to The Driveway Company professionals. We can also assist with all your concrete needs. From crack and joint repair to concrete lifting and leveling, we've got you covered when it comes to all your concrete needs


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Don't let a lack of repair and maintenance tarnish the look of your brickwork or concrete paving. Trust The Driveway Company to keep things looking like new. Our team of expert specialists will undertake any and every concrete problem. We are ready to answer your call. Contact us today to find out more!



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