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Concrete is a composite material consisting mainly of Portland cement, water, and aggregate (gravel, sand, or rock). Owing to its composite nature, it will expand and contract, slowly hardening over time. When this happens, cracks often start to appear.

No matter whether it's a concrete driveway to your office block, the concrete floors of your retail store, or industrial warehouse – all concrete is at risk of falling into disrepair. Concrete filling is then most certainly something to take advantage of.

Concrete filling is most often used to fill gaps between concrete slabs. Also known as joint filling, this will increase the lifespan of your concrete. If gaps are not filled early on, they will start accumulating dirt, debris, moisture, and – with heavy traffic – they will eventually degrade over time.

It's simply not worth letting your concrete deteriorate. Keep an eye on your joints and call in the experts to do any necessary filling when need be. By repairing and maintaining your concrete, you'll avoid substantial problems over time.

Repair And Maintenance Methods Include:

Our Repair Process Includes

About The Joint Filling Process

Control joints are added to concrete slabs to stop them from cracking randomly across your concrete floor during the shrinking process. The majority of shrinking occurs within the first 90 days of your concrete's life and throughout the first year.

After 90 days, it's recommended to fill the joint. The filling itself is done with a material that has enough strength to match the durability of the concrete. This way, it will endure heavy traffic and wear and tear.

A joint – if not filled – is an easy entry point for water. And you know that controlling the amount of moisture that penetrates your concrete is vital. If not filled or sealed, you will see a negative impact on the adjacent concrete slabs and even your concrete base.

About The Lifting Process

Uneven concrete surfaces cause erosion, water damage, foundation holes, and then accidents like tripping. At The Driveway Company, we can reduce the likelihood of this happening with our concrete lifting process.

If you're looking at your damaged concrete driveway, steps, warehouse, or even garage floor and wondering what can help repair these surfaces, well, we've got the answer for you – concrete lifting.

Concrete lifting is a verified process for repairing and stabilizing broken or cracked concrete paving at a far better cost than creating a new concrete surface. So if you choose not to pull up the damaged slab and replace it, concrete lifting is your best option. The process of lifting will return the concrete surface to an even and stable position.

About The Leveling Process

Unlevel concrete can be dangerous. Think about it. A company delivers stock to your warehouse and bursts a tire on the corner of a protruding concrete slab. Shoppers walk in and out of stores with their hands full and distractions all around. Even tiny levels of unevenness in concrete flooring can catch a shoe, causing someone to trip and fall.

This is where concrete leveling can help. This method of repair, also called 'slabjacking,’ really works. In most cases, leveling rather than replacing your concrete slab will last longer because you are stabilizing the ground underneath the concrete slab. It's a reliable, durable method of repair. And it costs less too.

At The Driveway Company, we offer polyfoam leveling services to get your sunken and damaged concrete looking good as new again.

You Can Depend On The Driveway Company

Choosing experience and expertise is always your best bet. And with over 30 years of experience, The Driveway Company has proven itself trustworthy in handling all concrete repair and maintenance needs. On top of sealing cracks and joints on people's homes and private driveways, we also repair sidewalks, studio floors, warehouses and loading bays.

Our highly trained and professional team uses commercial-grade products due to our partnership with Sherwin Williams. Our product is hand-tooled into the cracks and joints, which allows for a precise and aesthetically pleasing effect. We also provide grinding where necessary, back-rod, removal of old sealants, and expansion joint material.


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Leave the DIY to the items you're already good at and any concrete concerns to the professionals. That way, you can be assured any necessary concrete maintenance and repair will be handled accurately and efficiently. And your concrete areas will remain secure and pleasant spaces for your work colleagues and clients to enjoy. Our friendly and professional team is just a phone call away. Contact us today to find out more!



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