We are a National Commercial Concrete Services Vendor

At The Driveway Company Commercial Division we recognize that your facility's first impression is critical to your success. We also know that your structures can have significant damage quickly or over time. That’s why we are readily available for all your concrete maintenance, repair and sealing needs. The Driveway Company Commercial Branch is set up to provide these services for all small and large scale commercial jobs at a national level to get your property back to brand new condition. We work together with National Account partners to provide on time, within budget, professional services tailored to your needs. We can provide standard concrete repair and maintenance to a long term preventative maintenance program to help extend the life of your concrete surfaces. We have set the bar high for our competitors with our stringent employee training and ongoing upgrades to the newest methodologies used in our industry. Our team has redefined the concrete industry standards for your benefit.  

First impressions are everything. Not only do clean, well maintained surfaces reinforce your brand, they extend the life of your investment!

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Some of the advantages of working with TDC include:

  • As owner/operators, we are service providers, not outsourcers.
  • As members of The Driveway Company our technicians have been universally trained in products and processes.  This drives consistency and reliability across our operation.
  • With our national service partners, including HomeDepot, Sherwin Williams and SunBelt we offer the most cost effective contract pricing.

With locations across the United States we are standing ready to promptly address your concrete and sealing needs, layout a clear, concise plan, and deliver on time, professionally driven services to get you back up and running with your property in brand new condition.

Some of our services include:

  • Crack and Joint Fill & Seal
    • Concrete is one of the world’s most used and durable materials. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep it at its most pristine state. Small hairline fractures can quickly turn into wide cracks which are not only unsightly but also unsafe to your employees or customers. Our team of experts are training in the newest products and methods in our industry to rectify your concrete issues. Our goal is to increase the life of your concrete services and protect your investment that you have made into them. We take pride in our ongoing training of our employees and ensure they will have your best interest in mind when attending to your concrete needs. Look to us for all your concrete crack and joint maintenance and repair needs.
  • Powerwash and Sealing
    • Like most things in life, sometimes our property just needs a good cleaning. Regular power washing renews the life of the surfaces while sealing waterproofs to retard future build-up and stains. Keeping these surfaces in pristine condition makes a huge impression on your customers. Safety is a huge concern for all business owners. Regularly scheduled powerwash and sealing can keep these worries at bay. Like our crack and joint maintenance and repair services we can address your needs for the following areas:
      • Sidewalks
      • Parking Lots
      • Exterior Surfaces
      • Restaurants
      • Office Buildings
      • Shopping Malls
      • Retail spaces
      • Driveways
      • Commercial Pool Decks
      • Interior floors
      • And Many More!
  • Concrete Staining
    • There is nothing more beautiful and durable than a uniquely colored concrete surface. Unlike paint that sits on the surface, when concrete has been properly prepared, concrete stain penetrates the surface, locking in the color for long-term use.  It’s important that stained concrete is regularly maintained with power-washing and resealing to keep colors bright and extend the life of the treatment.
    • Concrete staining can take the coldness of plain concrete and make it warm, and inviting.  It can also be branded with your company colors and logo.
    • We use only the highest quality products and materials for your concrete staining project. Like the rest of your property, regular maintenance will provide lasting results.. The high quality products we use yield excellent results with regular maintenance and we have lots of options to fit your design objectives including transparent as well as opaque stains and sealants from matte to high gloss.  Plus all our staining products are low VOC and environmentally friendly.  Whatever color and finish option you choose you can be assured that our technicians have been properly trained and experienced with the application. Beautify your commercial property and reinforce your brand with excellence and style!




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