Professional Concrete Lifting

If you're looking at your damaged concrete driveway, steps, patio, or even garage floor and wondering what can help repair these surfaces, well, we've got the answer for you – concrete lifting.

Concrete lifting is a verified process for repairing and stabilizing broken or cracked concrete paving at a far better cost than creating a new concrete surface. So if you choose not to pull up the damaged slab and replace it, concrete lifting is your next best option. The process of lifting will return the concrete surface to an even and stable position.

Uneven concrete surfaces cause erosion, water damage, foundation holes, and even accidents like tripping. At The Driveway Company, we can reduce the likelihood of this happening with our concrete lifting process.

How Does Concrete Lifting Work?

When the concrete slabs around your home start to crack, shift, or sink, you're in for some problems. And so, to avoid trip hazards or water collecting and being redirected in an unwanted direction, you should get your concrete lifted ASAP.

Concrete lifting is an affordable process, and it will extend the life of your concrete surfaces. The most popular way to lift your concrete is called mudjacking. With mudjacking, you pump a cement and sand slurry below the slab to lift it back up. Eventually, this will again start to wear down and need repairing.

Another lifting method requires using polyurethane foam. This process includes injecting high-density polymer below the concrete slab. In this way, it will return to its intended position, and it can also stabilize any loose soil. Due to the polymer's strength, it is a longer-lasting repair option.

Reasons Why Concrete Lifting Is A Good Idea:

Our Repair Process Includes

The Cost

The fact is, if you destroy and discard the old concrete and have a new slab poured, the price will be notably higher – sometimes two or three times higher.


You will hardly even notice the repairs once they are done. The lifting process involves drilling several small holes in the damaged concrete and pumping the lifting material through. They are then sealed and caulked. It's as simple as that, and you won't have a mismatched concrete look.

Quick And Simple

Concrete lifting is a much simpler process and leaves no dust and dirt behind. Of course, it also only takes a couple of hours compared to pulling out old concrete and starting from scratch.

Minimum Damage

Since no heavy equipment is needed for concrete lifting, your yard won't be at risk of any damage.


When the lifting process raises your concrete, the slurry or polyurethane foam solidifies and stabilizes the soil the concrete is sitting on, giving it a good, solid base.

You Can Depend on The Driveway Company

Need help with cracked or damaged concrete? With over 30 years of experience, The Driveway Company is a reputable, professional concrete repair and maintenance business. We take pride in sealing cracks and joints on all concrete surfaces, from driveways, sidewalks, and foundations to patios, swimming pools, and porches.

Our professional teams use commercial-grade products as a result of a strategic alliance with Sherwin Williams. Our product is hand-tooled into the cracks and joints, which allows for a clean and aesthetically pleasing effect. We also offer grinding where necessary, back-rod, removal of old sealants, and expansion joint material.


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