Professional Paver Repair & Maintenance

Cleaning, sealing, and restoring your pavers are all part of The Driveway Company's paver repair and maintenance program.

Although concrete pavers are an excellent choice for landscaping and paving pathways because they are solid and durable, eventually, these pavers may sink and crack or become loose and grimy over time. And this will require repair and maintenance.

Keep your natural stone, clay, and concrete pavers looking their best by allowing us to step in and fix any problems as they crop up. We use top-of-the-range sealing products, high-pressure cleaning equipment, and our technical experience to keep things looking perfect.

Give us a call to keep your patio or driveway pavers looking clean and beautiful.

How We Tackle Paver Repair and Maintenance

Concrete pavers are durable, secure, and easy to install, making them an excellent option for driveways, patios, and general walkways. But, of course, with anything set outside, you'll find occasional repair and maintenance essential.

Our Repair Process Includes


Adding a sealant to your pavers will preserve their color, reduce staining, and other accidental damage. And make a note to reseal every two to three years.

Binding Agents

We will add polymeric sand as patio joint sand when repairing your paving. It offers a good blend of binders with natural sand. This helps the pavers stay in place and reinforces the overall paving structure. It is also able to inhibit the growth of weeds and the appearance of insects.

Edge Repair

After heavy winter weather, rains, and storms, it is common for pavers to shift out of place. To fix this, we will lift the edge pavers, re-stake the edging, replace the pavers, and add the polymeric sand into the joints.

Resetting Pavers

If you have found the odd paver to be sinking or rising in amongst the rest of your pavers, we can help. Removing this uneven paver is tricky, but we have specific paver extraction tools to get the job done. We will then remove all pavers that need to be reset, level the surface as necessary, compact the sand, replace the pavers, stamp them down, and sweep in polymeric sand between the joints.

You Can Depend On The Driveway Company

When it's time to deal with paver repairs, turn to the experts at The Driveway Company; it's not likely that restoration will be necessary too often. Still, repair and maintenance are most certainly required to keep your interlocking concrete pavers in excellent condition.

If you are ever uncertain about the best way to repair, talk to the experts. We can also assist with all your concrete needs. From repairing cracks and concrete lifting to top coats and dye and polishing, we've got you covered when it comes to all your concrete needs.


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Don't let a lack of repair and maintenance blemish the look of your home and concrete paving. Trust The Driveway Company to keep things sparkling and clean. Our team of expert technicians will undertake any and every problem you're faced with. We are ready to answer your call. Contact us today to find out more!



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