Professional Rubber Surfacing

The most popular application for rubber surfacing is playgrounds, both indoor and outdoor. It is durable, tactile, looks gorgeous in fun colors, and reduces potential injuries. But it is also used around pools, livestock trailers, garden pathways, and more.

A huge bonus with regards to rubber surfacing is that its maintenance and repair are incredibly minimal. In fact, a surface should last about 10 - 15 years, depending on the foot traffic it sees. Once it hits this age, maintenance is simple as it can be treated with a new coating or a new top layer. Spot repairs can be made too.

If you think rubber surfacing is just what you need at home, at your school, or for a fun outdoor pathway at your business or retirement community, The Driveway Company can help you on the path to rubber flooring.

Benefits Of Rubber Surfacing

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The option for fun, bright colors is a huge advantage when applying a rubber surface to a playground. It's inviting and will draw kids in. You can install the rubber in patterns, too; the only limit is your imagination.


Not only cheap, but rubber surfacing is also quick and easy to install, and it lasts much longer than other flooring options.


Rubber surfacing is ideal for playgrounds and within retirement communities or nursing homes because its non-slip surface provides good fall protection and helps prevent serious injuries.


Rubber is easy to clean; by simply sweeping and rinsing off debris, your surface will sparkle like new in no time at all. Also, the rubber doesn't shelter bacteria or attract insects.

Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that rubber surfacing is made mainly from recycled tires? That makes it eco-friendly.


It provides shock and sound absorbability. Because of its pliability, your bones and joints will feel a little less jolted at the end of the day. And since it can absorb sound – said to reduce noise by up to 18 decibels – it is certainly a good option for schools.

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Not exactly sure what you are after, or if it's the best option for you? Talk to The Driveway Company professionals. We can also assist with all your concrete needs. From crack and joint repair to concrete lifting and leveling, we've got you covered when it comes to all your concrete needs.


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