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We’ve been repairing and renewing driveways for over 30 years.

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Concrete Repair & Maintenance in Orlando

The Driveway Company is a team of seasoned professionals in concrete repair & maintenance in Orlando. We’ve tackled all kinds of concrete projects, repairing driveways and addressing issues in both residential and commercial properties for more than three decades. And with our extensive experience, we’re proud to be among the experts homeowners and businesses turn to for tried-and-tested driveway repair in Orlando today.


Some of the Services We Offer

Our highly qualified staff set out with a goal to deliver a safe and sound area for your family and visitors. Providing a lovely and well-maintained driveway comes with reaching that goal. We arrive ready to help with all your driveway requirements. Also concentrating on sidewalks, patios, swimming pools, and foundations, we afford the following services:

Our Professional Services

Concrete Crack and Joint Repair

At The Driveway Company, we always take a meticulous approach to concrete crack and joint repair in Orlando. We practice professionalism and attention to detail to quickly fix minor problems and keep them from damaging your driveway further.

Concrete Repair & Maintenance

As first-rate experts in concrete repair & maintenance in Orlando, we only implement proven processes to extend your driveway’s lifespan and keep it looking good for years to come.

Top Coat Sealing

If you need to protect your driveway from damaging elements like water and moisture, we can help. We have top coat sealing Orlando professionals who know how to use our commercial-grade sealants properly for your property.

Surface Cleaning

We know that dirt, debris, oil and regular use can leave stubborn stains on your concrete surfaces. That’s why our specialists are here to give them a complete makeover through thorough driveway cleaning Orlando.

Rubber Surfacing

Aside from being the trusted team for all things concrete, we specialize in rubber surfacing Orlando. Let us know your rubber safety surfacing needs and ideas, and our experts will turn your vision into reality.

The Highest Quality Products and Techniques

At The Driveway Company, we never take the shortest course for concrete crack and joint repair in Orlando. We believe our community deserves the best results, so we’ve endeavored to build a strategic team-up with Sherwin-Williams. This affiliation gives our technicians access to today’s safest and most effective materials for your crack and joint repair, concrete filling or top coat sealing Orlando.

On top of that, we also maximize our in-depth background and hard-earned expertise to meet all your needs. Our concrete experts have been performing successful crack repair, concrete leveling and driveway cleaning Orlando for years, and they continue to follow our proven processes to achieve customer satisfaction.

With our high-quality materials and tried-and-tested techniques, we deliver first-rate driveway repair Orlando residents and businesses can confidently rely on.

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When it comes to concrete crack and joint repair in Orlando, you’ll never go wrong with experienced experts like The Driveway Company. We have the experience, the skilled team and the proper tools and materials to perform your much-needed repair or maintenance work the right way.

But most importantly, we boast a wide range of services outside our concrete solutions. So whether you need foundation crack repair, brick or asphalt driveway maintenance, or rubber surfacing Orlando, we’re only one phone call away. Get in touch today to get started!