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A well-built concrete driveway can last between 25 and 50 years. Coupled with good maintenance, concrete can outlast most building materials such as asphalt, brick, cobblestone, or gravel. To ensure you enjoy the maximum service life of your driveway while boosting your curb appeal, enlist the help of a trained and experienced crew to install new concrete slabs.

Homeowners in Columbia, South Carolina – and nearby areas such as Lexington, Irmo, and Blythewood – entrust their concrete installation project to The Driveway Company. Our team is equipped with technical knowledge, solid craftsmanship, and professional experience to determine when removal and replacement are better than repair. In addition, we have the advanced methods and tools needed to complete the installation process.

Our friendly, highly trained specialists observe best practices while working on your project in the most efficient way we can. You can count on us to build driveways, sidewalks, patios, swimming pools, and other concrete surfaces that will stand the test of time.

The Concrete Installation Process
It takes more than a quick online search for “concrete demolition near me” to find contractors who can successfully remove and replace your driveway. Finding a team with a proven track record spanning over 30 years requires a little more digging. If you want to know if The Driveway Company is the best fit for your needs, here’s a quick summary of our meticulous concrete replacement process:

  • The concrete slab is removed
    Our residential concrete removal and installation process begin with breaking up the existing concrete with the most appropriate method and using the right tools. Our crew also clears all vegetation and outlines your new driveway with wooden stakes to further prep the area.
  • The sub-base is reinforced
    A solid and level foundation is essential to achieving a stable driveway, so your existing sub-base is reinforced next. And if the current layer is not adequate, the area is dug to a certain depth and filled with a layer of gravel. Then, the new sub-base is compacted and leveled across the pour site to stabilize it.
  • Wood forms are installed
    Wooden forms are added to hold the wet concrete in place until it hardens. These solid wooden planks are securely anchored to wood or metal stakes so that they remain straight and aligned while we install your new driveway.
  • Concrete is poured
    With the sub-base ready and the perimeter in place, wet concrete is poured into the designated area. It is also flattened using various tools and through a process called floating. Floating the concrete is essential so your newly poured driveway becomes even, smooth, and attractive while remaining strong against the elements.
  • Contractions joints are added
    Control joints are added to your new concrete driveway using a concrete grooving tool. Also called expansion joints, these grooves allow the slabs to expand and contract without cracking as the foundation settles down.
  • Finishing touches
    We wrap up our concrete installation process by giving your new driveway a rough-textured, non-slip finish. This is done by running a thick-bristled broom across your driveway.

    Lastly, the curing process is done with perfect timing under the best circumstances to allow the concrete to harden and strengthen optimally.

When Is Your Driveway Due for a Concrete Makeover?

Sometimes, it is more economical to replace concrete than go through the process of patching and resurfacing. But it can be difficult to know when your driveway is due for concrete demolition and install. Signs that your driveway needs more than patching or applying a decorative overlay to the concrete include deep, widespread cracks, excessive spalling or pitting, frost heave, and sunken slabs.

When the best possible solution is concrete removal and replacement, it’s recommended to seek help from an expert team of concrete demolition contractors. Concrete demolition is not an easy job; it takes a professional to determine the method or combination of methods to use on your driveway or any concrete slabs. It also requires training in how to choose and operate the correct tools for this difficult project.

Further, it is critical to get the components of installation right, including the correct placement of expansion joints and amount of floating. Expansion grooves are gaps between the concrete and other parts of the structure that allow the former to expand and contract when the temperature changes. Floating concrete, on the other hand, is done to make the surface smooth – but excessive floating can weaken the surface and result in flaking.

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Your Dependable Experts In Concrete Installation In Columbia

For more than 30 years, The Driveway Company has been the one-stop solution for homeowners seeking concrete repair, maintenance services, concrete demolition and install. Our local teams in Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, and Blythewood are experienced in sealing cracks and joints on your driveway and repairing other concrete surfaces on your property.

For residents with concrete slabs that are beyond repair, we are the concrete demolition contractors offering specialized and advanced solutions. We have a professionally trained crew that combines one-of-a-kind techniques with commercial-grade products to ensure your new driveway lasts for decades.

Whether you found us by searching “concrete demolition near me” or through a customer recommendation, you can rely on our friendly experts to respond to your call promptly.

Our experienced concrete installation and demolition contractors are mindful of safety considerations and hazards that come with concrete removal. Further, we ensure the project is completed successfully and efficiently, from excavation to pouring to finishing.

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