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The Driveway Company is an established company offering customized concrete repair and maintenance services. We work with residential and commercial property owners and strive to offer unique solutions and, ultimately, renew their concrete surfaces as efficiently as possible.

Katy is a large city located 30 miles west of Houston, not far from a wide variety of water features like the Galveston Bay and the Brazos River. This suburb spanning three counties (Harris, Waller, and Fort Bend), is also rich with tourist attractions, such as the Mary Jo Peckham Park, LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch, Katy Heritage Park, and the Great Southwest Equestrian Center. 

However, Katy isn’t only well-known for its outdoor activities and tourist spots. Thanks to its abundance of parks and green spaces, highly rated school district, and numerous shopping and dining options, residents can also enjoy affordable, high-quality neighborhoods in the area, making Katy an excellent place to live. 

The Driveway Company of The Woodlands is dedicated to offering the best concrete repair and maintenance in Katy to serve its locals and businesses. We recognize the crucial role that concrete surfaces play in people’s lives and activities, so we lend our expertise to help keep the surfaces they use safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. 

With that said, we’re not your average concrete services company. We have over 30 years of experience under our belt, experienced and trained professionals on board, and fine-tuned repair and maintenance solutions in our toolbox. Ultimately, we take advantage of our extensive industry background and knowledge to give you the most considerate customer service. 

Feel free to call our experts when your concrete surfaces fall into disrepair. Our entire team stands ready to repair and renew your driveway, walkway, patio, or pool deck so you can return to the activities that matter the most to you as soon as possible.

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We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

icon-concrete joint repair

Expansion joints in your concrete are essential in allowing the slabs to expand and contract due to temperature changes without causing cracks. However, as with all building materials, these joints can eventually fail after absorbing and dissipating stress. If you require concrete crack and joint repair for your concrete driveway, The Driveway Company is here to get the job done before more problems occur. Our concrete crack and joint repair process fixes the cracks, protects your concrete from damaging elements, and maintains it for years to come.

icon-concrete filling

As control joints work hard to keep slabs from cracking, they can also widen over time and require professional concrete filling. This is necessary to fill the joint and keep it from becoming an easy entry point for moisture, water, dirt, and debris. But if you aren’t sure if your driveway, patio, or walkway is due for concrete filling, you can always call our team for help. Our trained technicians will inspect your concrete’s control joints and look for any issues. If we discover that they need to be filled and sealed, we’ll get to work right away before they cause significant problems.

icon-concrete lifting

Any sinking concrete slab in your walkway, driveway, or patio can be a cause for concern because of the aesthetic problems it can present. More importantly, the uneven surfaces it creates can cause other issues such as tripping accidents, water damage, foundation holes, and erosion. This is why it’s critical to call an experienced and reliable team like The Driveway Company for professional concrete lifting. We perform polyurethane concrete lifting, a quick, non-invasive, and proven process, to raise slabs back to a level position and stabilize them.


Concrete cracks can make your property look worn out, but that’s not the end of the story. These gaps also put your pavement at risk of deteriorating faster than expected. The good news is that enlisting top coat sealing as soon as you see cracks growing on your concrete can help prevent these issues. Sealing not only makes your pavement look good again but also protects it from moisture and other harmful elements. With our high-quality sealants, we make your concrete surfaces durable, easy to maintain, and resistant to UV and chemicals.

icon-surface cleaning

Driveways are often under regular stress and pressure from cars, RVs, boats, bikes, and skateboards, making them prone to accumulating different kinds of dirt and stains over time. When your own pavement has become covered in stubborn blemishes, you can always call The Driveway Company for help. We have surface cleaning experts who know how to use professional pressure washing equipment and perform our thorough cleaning process to make your driveway look good as new. Enjoy cleaner and safer concrete surfaces in no time!

icon-commercial concrete services

When you’re occupied with overseeing your daily operations and managing your team, it can be hard to keep up with the other aspects of running a business – like ensuring your facility is safe, crack-free, and welcoming. This is something that The Driveway Company of The Woodlands can gladly handle for you. Our commercial concrete services include concrete crack and joint repair, concrete lifting, and industrial and interior warehouse cleaning – fundamental solutions you need to keep your commercial space in top condition for a long time.


If you know it’s time for your driveway, garage, gym, outdoor playground, pool deck, or outdoor pathway to receive a makeover, we have an innovative solution for you. The Driveway Company offers Rubapave, a top-rated rubber surfacing solution for high-traffic areas. The product is meticulously hand-troweled on top of surfaces and can be easily customized to achieve your specific aesthetic requirements. Once we’re done, you’ll have a strong, stable, slip-resistant, and eco-friendly rubber surfacing you and your loved ones will enjoy. 

Why Choose The Driveway Company For Your
Katy Concrete Maintenance & Repair

Take Advantage of Our Three Decades of Experience


We’ve Been in Business For 30 Years

Throughout our over three decades of industry experience, our technicians have worked on numerous projects and successfully resolved unique concrete needs. This has enabled us to refine our concrete repair and maintenance techniques, making us one of the most reliable teams in the country. 


Our Top Priority is Customer Satisfaction

Hiring concrete repair and maintenance services can be disruptive, but never with The Driveway Company. Instead, our team strives to find the most appropriate solutions to your concrete issues and get the job done right the first time so you can return to your routine as quickly as possible.


We Use the Best Commercial-Grade Products

Our partnership with Sherwin-Williams, a paint and coating manufacturing industry leader, gives us easy access to top-quality products on the market. With this, rest assured that we will only use choice materials for your concrete repair, waterproofing or top coat sealing project.


The Driveway Company takes pride in not only using time-tested solutions and high-quality materials but also having the most competent professionals on board. Each one of our technicians has completed thorough training to provide you with quality craftsmanship.


We Take Time to Understand Your Vision for Your Project

At The Driveway Company, we believe you deserve better than one-size-fits-all remedies. Whenever you need help with residential rubber surfacing or commercial surface cleaning, you can count on us to pay attention to your requirements and get things done according to them. 


The Driveway Company is more than just driveways! You can call us anytime for asphalt resurfacing, brick and paver repair and maintenance, pool mastic repairs, and overlays. We offer comprehensive solutions to help make your property safe, stable, and beautiful. 

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