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The Driveway Company is a long-established team specializing in repairing and renewing driveways. We’re the professional team that residents and business owners turn to for expert concrete repairs & maintenance in Spring, TX.

Montgomery is a quaint little town situated at the junction of Texas 105 and FM 149. While it’s primarily known as the birthplace of the Texas Lone Star Flag, it has so much more to offer its residents and tourists. Here, people get to enjoy its well-preserved, 19th century historic downtown district, various parks and lakes, fine retail shops, water sports, and more.

Montgomery offers a slow-paced and leisurely environment, which is why people who prefer the tranquility that comes with smaller communities flock here. With that said, this peaceful city is far from being secluded. It is in close proximity to Houston and The Woodlands. Here, residents are well-situated and have access to big-city amenities and conveniences while still enjoying the benefits of small-town living.

As part of this quaint town, you can count on our friendly professionals at The Driveway Company for all concrete repairs & maintenance in Montgomery, TX. We understand that driveways, walkways, and other concrete surfaces are a fundamental part of our home and workspaces, so we’re here to keep these spaces safe and fully functional for everyone to use.

If you require concrete crack repair in Montgomery, TX, it’s best to enlist a professional and experienced team. With over three decades in the industry, The Driveway Company is committed to delivering excellent results with your satisfaction in mind. Our team has seen and resolved virtually every kind of concrete issue out there, and we’re confident we can fix yours, too.

Whether you need concrete filling, top-coat sealing, or concrete joint repair in Montgomery, TX, don’t hesitate to call us. Our technicians are always ready to assist you and restore the beauty of your property.

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

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When your friends or family come over, your concrete driveway is usually where they park. And often , it doubles up as the perfect vacant space where your kids or pets can run around to their heart’s content. Considering this, you have to keep it free from cracks and other tripping hazards by getting professional concrete joint repair in Montgomery, TX. Our experts in concrete joint repair in Montgomery, TX use proven methods and commercial-grade products to seal the cracks and joints in your driveway, making it a safe and durable space for everyday use.

icon-concrete filling

Fluctuations in the temperature throughout the year cause concrete slabs to expand and contract repeatedly. Consequently, these movements give rise to cracks and fissures on the concrete’s surface. While these fine openings may seem too thin to be a cause for concern, it helps to remember that cement can quickly become unstable when it starts to crack. As such, you can contact our team right away for expert concrete filling solutions. We follow a tried-and-tested concrete filling process wherein we fill your driveway’s cracks and joints to protect it from further damages.

icon-concrete lifting

Seeing damaged or uneven surfaces on your cemented driveway, garage floor, or steps can be overwhelming. After all, sinking areas in your home not only expose your loved ones to slipping or tripping accidents but also lead to water damage. Fortunately, you can get concrete lifting in Montgomery, TX to prevent unwanted damage and potential injuries from happening. Our team of trained technicians elevates your concrete slabs back to their original position using proper lifting methods. And, we follow a meticulous process for concrete lifting in Montgomery, TX to ensure your concrete surfaces are stable.

icon-concrete leveling

Another reason concrete slabs crack is that the soil underneath them shifts over time. As the slabs settle down, the movement creates hollow spaces that reduce the support for your concrete slabs and eventually cause them to sink or fracture. As such, make sure to call The Driveway Company for concrete leveling in Montgomery, TX, if your driveway, walkways, or patios are starting to sink. We stabilize the soil propping up your concrete surfaces using high-quality materials. Ultimately, our experts in concrete leveling in Montgomery, TX, restore your driveway’s slabs to their normal position and give your concrete surfaces a neat finish.


You may think that fine cracks on your driveway’s concrete are negligible, but the truth is that they can still serve as entryways for moisture. So to safeguard your driveway from water damage, it’s best to enlist concrete sealing services sooner than later. The Driveway Company of The Woodlands can help you with this — our specialists know how to use high-quality protective concrete sealants on your driveway to securely block its cracks and joints. Once we’re done, you can rest easy as your concrete surfaces now have an added layer of protection from harmful elements like water, oil leaks, and grime.

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As the first space people see when arriving at your home, your driveway should also be one of the first things you must maintain to keep your property looking good. But this is easier said than done; driveways deal with intensive wear and tear every day from cars, bikes, and natural elements like dirt, moisture, and molds. Fortunately, you can count on our experts in concrete surface cleaning to do the legwork for you. Our specialists use thorough cleaning solutions to eliminate stubborn stains and grime from your concrete surfaces. We also carry out concrete pressure washing to instantly give your driveway a fresh and exciting new look.

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Gaining the trust and loyalty of your clients involves more than offering them great products or services. You also have to ensure your facilities look professional and neat; how you maintain your floors and spaces speaks volumes about how you operate as a whole. So if you want to establish yourself as a professional and reliable business, The Driveway Company is here to maintain your concrete surfaces for you. On top of the same suite of concrete repairs & maintenance in Montgomery, TX we offer to residential customers, we also carry out interior warehouse and industrial cleaning for businesses and manufacturers.

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Since your foundation is the structure holding up your whole house or commercial property, it’s natural to feel worried after seeing cracks on it. And while some types of cracks are not a cause for concern, don’t hesitate to call our experts in concrete crack repair in Montgomery, TX to assess the situation definitively. Our skilled and trained technicians thoroughly inspect your home’s foundations to determine the source of the problem or find other underlying issues. Most importantly, our team implements a proven process to repair your foundation cracks and ensure the whole structure is safe for you and your loved ones once again.


Rubber flooring boasts numerous helpful properties, such as durability and versatility. It can withstand high-impact activity and last up to 10 years or more; on top of that, it can also come in various designs to match the space where it will be installed. And if you’re considering getting rubber surfacing in Montgomery, TX, we’re the team to call. Our expertise isn’t limited to concrete driveway repairs — we also have the proper tools and products to install rubber flooring according to your requirements. So whether you need it for your home, school, or even your workplace, let us know your requirements, and we’ll get it done.

Why Choose The Driveway Company For Your
Montgomery Concrete Maintenance & Repair

Take Advantage of Our Three Decades of Experience


We’ve Been in Business For 30 Years

As a team that has handled a wide array of concrete issues, we are confident in our ability to understand your unique concrete repair and maintenance needs better than most. Our three decades of experience in the industry means we’re able to deliver unmatched solutions for concrete crack repair in Montgomery, TX.


Our Top Priority is Customer Satisfaction

Whether you need minor crack repairs or large-scale concrete leveling in Montgomery, TX, we go above and beyond to deliver tailored solutions to match your needs. By leveraging our unmatched industry experience and skillset, we aim to make sure you are happy with the outcome in every project we take on.


We Use the Best Commercial-Grade Products

One factor that sets us apart in this industry is that we’ve built a strategic team-up with Sherwin-Williams. With this partnership, our technicians have direct access to some of the best materials for rubber surfacing, epoxy coatings, or concrete lifting in Montgomery, TX — especially when working on your project!


At The Driveway Company of The Woodlands, we have highly experienced, skilled, and courteous technicians on standby for any request you may have. So from the moment you call and until the project is complete, you can expect high-quality craftsmanship and top-notch customer service from our team.


We Take Time to Understand Your Vision for Your Project

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions because we know that every homeowner or business has unique needs. This is why we take the time to listen to your needs and ideas before we get to work — we’re here to provide you with the best repair and maintenance solutions based on your budget and requirements.


While we primarily specialize in addressing concrete driveway issues, our technicians can also work on asphalt and brick paver driveways. Moreover, we can handle repair and maintenance requests for other surfaces such as patios, porches, sidewalks, pool decks, and more. If you’d like to discuss your requirements, our team is here to talk you through your options.

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