Professional Concrete Leveling

In most circumstances, concrete paving sinks and cracks because of changes in the soil underneath. As soil settles, it creates empty areas under the slab, reducing the support needed. Depending on the size of your concrete slab, it may then start to sink or crack.

Leveling concrete is a speedy and hassle-free process compared to replacement. Using polyurethane or polyfoam to level concrete and stabilize soil has many benefits. Firstly, polyfoam will not shrink or break down over time. Secondly, it needs smaller and fewer injection holes. And lastly, polyfoam is very effective at filling open voids and is much lighter than sand or cement.

What Causes Concrete To Sink?

  • If the gravel base below the concrete was never appropriately compacted during construction.
  • If the soil you're pouring concrete on was once back-filled, you're in for some trouble.
  • If water is draining or settling around the edge of your concrete slab.
  • If your concrete slab has cracks and gaps in it, water will seep below the slab and cause voids in the soil.

You Can Depend on The Driveway Company

Have you noticed your concrete slabs or even your steps are starting to sink? It's time to turn to the professionals; they can help you stabilize your concrete slab and get it back to normal. With over 30 years of experience, The Driveway Company is a reputable, professional concrete repair and maintenance business. We take pride in leveling concrete surfaces, from driveways, sidewalks, and foundations to patios, steps, and porches.

Our expert and trained teams use commercial-grade stock as a result of a strategic alliance with Sherwin Williams. Our goods are hand-tooled into the problem areas, which allows for a neat and aesthetically agreeable effect.


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Leave your concrete problems to the specialists. We promise to work swiftly and efficiently to make your concrete surfaces and driveway a safe and enjoyable space for your family and friends once again. The Driveway Company's helpful and proficient team is ready to hear from you. Call us today to find out more!



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