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Concrete Repair & Maintenance in Des Moines

Applying protective concrete sealant extends the life of your driveway by sealing cracks and joints. Whether you have a newly poured driveway or want to prevent your current driveway from having issues, sealing is crucial.

Ben Callahan, owner and operator of The Driveway Company has been involved in driveway repair and maintenance for over 30 years. Throughout those years he has developed techniques for extending the life of driveways using concrete sealants that stop the penetration of harmful corrosives along with barriers that prevent water saturation. When water penetrates the concrete and the freeze/thaw cycle occurs, the result will be flaking and decay of the concrete drive.


Some of the Services We Offer

Properly sealing your driveway can prevent bigger problems from occurring. Unsealed cracks can allow water to seep underneath and erode concrete. Over time untreated cracks will enlarge further, accelerating the erosion of your concrete

Our Professional Services

Concrete Crack and Joint Repair

We seal concrete cracks and joints with commercial-grade materials and equipment.

Concrete Mudjacking

Do you have uneven concrete that needs to be raised?

Top Coat Sealing

We apply a protective concrete sealant that will extend the life of your driveway.

Surface Cleaning

We can bring out the beauty of your concrete and professionally remove years of old dirt and grime.

Rubber Surfacing

Our experts can apply a rubberized safety surface that is anti-slip, antimicrobial, and easy to clean.

The Highest Quality Products and Techniques

Our team at Columbia's TDC branch is highly trained and skilled in handling all things concrete. In the 30 years that we've been in the industry, we have created beneficial and valuable procedures for prolonging the life of driveways using concrete sealants that stop the infiltration of harmful corrosives and barriers that prevent water saturation.

Along with an expert team and our specialized methods, we also use only the most reputable commercial-grade products on the market. These products are the outcome of a vital partnership with Sherwin Williams – a company that presents the best in paint and coatings products worldwide.

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If you require concrete repair and maintenance, Columbia residents can trust The Driveway Company to get the job done well. Our priority is to make your driveway a safe and sound place for your family and visitors. Before your driveway becomes derelict and beyond repair, call our Columbia branch today!