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A well-maintained concrete driveway, patio, or pool is not only a sight to behold — it is also solid, smooth, and safe. As the trusted provider of concrete repairs & maintenance in Encinitas, CA, The Driveway Company ensures your concrete surfaces remain in pristine condition. We have been in partnership with our satisfied clients for over 30 years and through our consistent service, we’ve created an enjoyable space for their families and guests.

Our services began in beautiful, sunny Southern California. As we reached more and more communities, our business has started to expand to many cities in SoCal, such as Encinitas. This artsy beach town is known for its abundance of sun, surf, parks, galleries, and shops. It also boasts diverse and vibrant cultures that keep its foundation strong. At The Driveway Company, supporting this city’s foundation is part of our commitment to excellence.

We are the one-stop opportunity for your various concrete repair and maintenance needs – from concrete crack and joint repair to concrete sealing in Encinitas, CA. Through our experience and expertise, we have forged and refined our solutions to extend the lifetime of concrete surfaces. But it's not just what we do that has sustained us for decades; it's also why and how we do it. While we strive to reach many customers, we continue to treat each one of our customers like a close neighbor and cater to their unique requirements and preferences.

Look no further if you want the best business offering for concrete filling in Encinitas, CA. You can count on us to remove dirt and grime from your concrete, effectively repair small cracks, and seal the joints. We also maintain the control joints that protect the concrete base and slabs to ensure maximum stability.

As part of our offering for joint repair in Encinitas, CA, our team employs commercial-grade products secured through our strategic partner, Sherwin Williams. We are proud to maintain this high standard as we believe our customers’ properties deserve professional sealing, filling, lifting, leveling, mudjacking, and more, not quick fixes. Moreover, our processes and pricing are straightforward, so you don't have to worry about costly surprises.

Don’t let your sturdy concrete surfaces deteriorate due to improper repair and lack of maintenance. Tap our experts in concrete crack repair in Encinitas, CA, to gain professional concrete services and prevent additional problems from cropping up.

We Provide Help for Residential and Commercial Properties

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Expect no less than the professional delivery of concrete crack repair in Encinitas, CA from The Driveway Company. With a thorough understanding of how cracks allow moisture to seep into and weaken your soil support, we use commercial-grade materials to seal the source of the problem. The products are hand-tooled into the cracks for a clean and aesthetic result. In addition, we repair and seal slab joints to maintain their structural integrity and improve durability.

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In addition to concrete joint repair in Encinitas, CA, our team also provides effective concrete filling. Backed by several decades of collective experience and expertise, we look at each case and apply the most appropriate solution available. Our experts in concrete filling in Encinitas, CA, know that your control joints can widen over time, with the gaps accumulating dirt, debris, and moisture. Call us to fill your joints and prevent more serious issues with your concrete slabs and base. We employ the right materials with enough strength to match the durability of your concrete, enabling it to endure wear and tear.

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When your concrete surfaces begin to deteriorate, they are not only unsightly they also can pose the risk of injury. Keep in mind that cracks in your concrete are hazardous, causing you to trip, and they are also vulnerable to erosion, water damage, and foundation holes. Our team of friendly technicians specialize in concrete lifting in Encinitas, CA, and can help you stabilize broken or cracked concrete paving. The process of lifting is your next best choice if you aren't planning to pull up the damaged slab and replace it, which can often be more costly.

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The soil underneath your concrete can move and then settle, creating empty areas under the slabs. In turn, this causes the concrete paving to sink and crack – our pros in concrete leveling in Encinitas, CA, address this with effective concrete leveling. This quick, hassle-free process involves leveling the concrete paving and stabilizing the soil using polyurethane or polyfoam. These materials effectively fill the gaps while also being lighter than sand or cement. Concrete leveling is a job best left to the experts, and at The Driveway Company, we’re more than happy to help.


As your reliable provider of concrete sealing in Encinitas, CA, we make sure to apply a protective concrete sealant as the last step in our straightforward method for sealing cracks and joints. Treating the cracks is critical to prevent them from getting larger over time. Our team employs this step in various processes, such as concrete top-coat sealing in Encinitas, CA. Among our top-rated products is the use of a UV resistant top coat in Encinitas, CA, which is the ideal option for protecting warehouse and factory floors from salt, oil, gas, and other harsh chemicals.

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If you require concrete surface cleaning in Encinitas, CA, contact us and tell us about your concerns. Our company comprises highly trained professionals who can remove stubborn stains and grime from your concrete driveways, patios, and walkways. With our solution, you can protect your concrete surfaces, keep them safe, boost your curb appeal, and add value to your home. Further, complement this process with concrete pressure washing in Encinitas, CA, to make your driveway and other concrete surfaces look as good as new.

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On top of residential concrete repairs & maintenance in Encinitas, CA, we also cater to commercial customers. In the business world, first impressions definitely count. This is why The Driveway Company is happy to help improve the appearance of your company’s operations. Our solutions range from interior warehouse and industrial cleaning and sealing to exterior crack and joint repair and sealing. We are also the ones to call for concrete leveling in Encinitas, CA. Rest assured our representatives will be at your place of business, taking the time to understand your needs and explain to you the processes to be done.

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About a year after building your home, cracks can show up near windows, wall corners, and floors which is normal due to the foundation settling in. But if the cracks are getting bigger and water is starting to seep through, it's time to call your trusted specialists in concrete crack repair in Encinitas, CA. We arrive on time and well-equipped to fix the problems while they're minor, whether they're vertical and diagonal or horizontal cracks. After repairing your concrete surfaces and you want to add a finishing touch, we also offer decorative concrete services in Encinitas, CA, if you're looking to enhance your floors.


For professional rubber surfacing in Encinitas, CA, The Driveway Company is here to help. We work hard to get indoor or outdoor playgrounds, gardens, pools, and livestock trailers covered in this gorgeous and colorful option. It is the best choice for these areas because it is tactile and reduces potential injuries. Let the experts handle your rubber overlay in Encinitas, CA, to ensure proper application. Our technicians will listen to your specific requirements and fit the rubber flooring solution that best suits your needs, using top-quality materials.

Why Choose The Driveway Company For Your
Encinitas Concrete Maintenance & Repair

Take Advantage of Our Three Decades of Experience


We’ve Been in Business For 30 Years

The best services and quality craftsmanship rendered by The Driveway Company team did not happen overnight. We invested time and resources to hone our skills and fine-tune our solutions. At over 30 years young, we believe we can still do more, so we accept projects, big or small. In addition, we consistently fine-tune our solutions to stay up to date with the latest advancements in concrete services.


Our Top Priority is Customer Satisfaction

As your chosen company for concrete joint repair in Encinitas, CA, we are at your service from the time you call us about your concern. You have our undivided attention as we try to understand your unique situation. We conduct our services with your ultimate satisfaction in mind, from concrete repair and maintenance to driveway cleaning and driveway washing in Encinitas, CA.


We Use the Best Commercial-Grade Products

One major factor that distinguishes us from other companies is our strategic partnership with Sherwin-Williams, a global leader in paint and coating products. With this, we use only the best products and sealants for your concrete repair or maintenance needs.


Our accumulated experience makes us the experts in concrete crack and concrete joint repair in Encinitas, CA. Through ongoing training, we continue to improve our skills and know-how. This enables us to gain more specialties such as pressure washing, UV resistant top coat, and waterproofing concrete in Encinitas, CA, giving our technicians an edge over our competitors.


We Take Time to Understand Your Vision for Your Project

We have earned our reputation as the go-to professionals for concrete sealing in Encinitas, CA. Part of it is due to our deep dives with customers when it comes to what they truly need and desire. Even for something that might seem simple such as driveway stains in Encinitas, CA, we see to it that we validate your experience and put a lot of thought into the solutions we propose.


Our friendly and professional team offers concrete sealing, concrete lifting, and concrete filling in Encinitas, CA. But, The Driveway Company is not limited to just driveway repair. We also handle services for any concrete surfaces at home or your business venue and we always welcome a new challenge. Our team will be happy to repair and maintain your walkways, patios, and pool decks. Contact us and let’s bring your desired results to life.

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