After a job is complete, we give out a customer satisfaction survey. On this survey, we ask the following questions. Here is our average rating on a 5 star scale.

How satisfied are you with The Driveway Company? 4.75 / 5

Would you recommend The Driveway Company? 4.85 / 5

How would you rate the crew that was assigned to your project? 4.75 / 5

We have already recommended this company to many neighbors. You clearly stand behind your work as you have returned a couple of times for some minor cracks we wanted to catch and seal before water got into them.

Kris Hjelle

Dave and crew arrived on time. They went to work right away. They worked as a team and did the job professionally! These guys are artists. I am completely satisfied with the work.

Herbert Evers

Josh and crew were great! I had a last minute schedule change, and they were very accommodating.

Denise Cummings

Thank you! Our driveway looks amazing!

Kim Buzzell