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A Guide to Epoxy Flooring

Applying a top-quality material on your driveway such as an outdoor concrete epoxy, is a practical way to protect your pavement and keep it looking pristine for a long time. Since epoxy solutions are made from a mixture of resins and hardeners, they create a highly durable, resilient, and aesthetically pleasing surface once they’ve cured.…

Crack in concrete with bandage - How To Repair Cracks in Concrete

How To Repair Cracks in Concrete

Concrete cracks are a common occurrence found on many concrete driveways, patios and paved surfaces. The American Concrete Institute backs this up, stating that expecting crack-free and curl-free surfaces is unrealistic. They added that fractures do not always occur because of inadequacies in a floor’s design or construction.  Fortunately, there are plenty of crack repair…