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You may not realize it, but the colors you choose for your home’s floors also significantly affect its overall feel and appearance. If you’ve opted for concrete flooring for its practicality and durability, here’s some good news: the standard gray concrete hue isn’t your only option! 

Getting epoxy coating is an excellent idea if you’d like to refinish your worn-out flooring or give it an exciting makeover. This protective coating makes any surface easy to maintain, durable, and waterproof. But more importantly, it comes in exciting colors that can help make your dream aesthetic come to life. 

The best part is that epoxy floor paint colors come in various hues and shades, so you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. The question now is, how do you actually know which one is perfect for your home? 

Epoxy Colors for Concrete Floors

We know how overwhelming it can be when you’re presented with a multitude of options. To help you make the right choice and create stunning spaces inside your home, let’s go through the primary epoxy floor paint colors and how they work in interior design projects. 


Red is a vibrant, powerful color that makes a strong style statement in any room it’s used. Whether you plan to use a darker shade like maroon or lighter tones like ham red, you’re sure to get a statement space. 

Red epoxy paint colors for concrete floors also help promote high energy levels, making them perfect for rooms where you do your most productive work, like your home office. However, it can also be a great addition to living rooms, where it can stimulate conversations and create an atmosphere of love and friendship.  


Orange is another vibrant color that can positively affect a person’s mind and spirit by producing a calming effect. It is often associated with sunshine and nature, while distant tones like gold represent prosperity and wealth. 

With these characteristics, orange is among the best epoxy colors for concrete floors in areas where people tend to gather, like living rooms. It also works well in dining areas as it’s effective in increasing appetite.  


Often regarded as the happiest and most cheerful color, yellow naturally spreads light and happiness to any area it’s used in. As such, it’s recommended and commonly used in the kitchen, dining areas, and bathrooms to make them feel bright and well-lit. 

However, choosing the right shade of yellow is crucial to your design project’s success. Dull shades can often reflect feelings of decay, sickness, or doom, so it’s best to compare your top shades carefully.   


Green is well-loved by homeowners, especially those who want to bring a piece of nature inside their homes. This color is perfect for eliciting feelings of peace, rest, and refreshment. It can also help uplift your mood and create a sense of security, making its various shades perfect for any room or space inside the home. 


Like green, blue is known to create a calming effect. With its association with serenity, peace, and calm, it can easily relax the mind, reduce anxiety, and have a healing effect on the mind. 

Another reason blue is among the best epoxy colors for concrete floors is that it’s easy on the eyes. Both its dark and light shades work well with most design trends, making them an excellent artistic choice, from the kitchen to the playroom. 


Violet is a color often associated with royalty and elegance, which is why it works well in walk-in closets, dressing rooms, and even in-house art studios. Of course, it can also be used in your living room, especially if you want to add that touch of calm, elegance, and luxury to the space. 

Violet is mainly used as mauve, lavender, or lilac in interior design projects because of their calm yet regal effect. However, plum and other brighter hues are also excellent choices if you want to add flair to your home’s color palette. 


Black is a bold and dramatic color that can achieve a contrasting effect, especially when teamed with white. It also signifies simplicity and functionality, which is why it helps pull off a more modern design. 

With all of that said, note that using black epoxy paint colors for concrete can make a space look overwhelming and gloomy. If your mind is set on this sleek and sophisticated color choice, you’ll want to ensure the area has lots of natural light and other vibrant colors to provide a much-needed contrast. 


Brown deviates from red and offers a natural hue that effortlessly blends different elements in one space. However, be careful in using this color wisely and sparingly. Since brown relaxes the senses and makes inhabitants feel comfortable, a little too much can promote inactivity. 


White is probably the color most commonly used in interior design, and it’s not hard to see why. Besides exuding purity, innocence, and completion, it also opens up a space and complements all the other colors with ease. Choosing the right shade of white for your epoxy floors can surely make your room look airy, modern, and stylish. 


Gray is often regarded as a drab and depressing color. But in reality, it’s another neutral color that reflects style and elegance, especially when used in the right shade and room. It’s also perfect for balancing vibrant color schemes, especially those with brilliant orange, hot pink, and the like. 

Turn Your Home Into a Work of Art With the Right Epoxy Floor Paint Colors 

While floors are often overlooked in an interior design project, remember that the colors and finishes you choose significantly impact your space’s look and feel. 

Applying epoxy coatings on your concrete floor is a practical solution, especially if you want to customize the different rooms inside your home without having to replace your flooring. Concrete surfaces treated with an epoxy coating not only become easier to maintain but also look much more appealing, especially with the right color. 

On that note, we hope this run-through of the different epoxy colors for concrete floors gave you an idea of how certain shades can affect your home. Understanding the mood you want to evoke in each room is a great place to start finding the perfect color for your project. 

If you feel you need expert advice, The Driveway Company can help! Our experts will gladly offer recommendations based on your needs and ideas. But that’s not all – our skilled installers can also apply your chosen epoxy coating for you using commercial-grade products. 

Transform your home into a stunning place you’ll love living in. Call The Driveway Company to get your concrete epoxy coating project started! 

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