The worker applies gray epoxy resin to the new floor

Epoxy coatings protect garage floors and other concrete surfaces from wear, stains, and damage. Their vibrant colors also add a creative touch to any concrete paving, making it look new regardless of age. 

Picking the right hue and design is key to achieving a satisfying result. However, many property owners struggle with how to choose epoxy floor colors that match their aesthetic and functional requirements. Some become overwhelmed with their plethora of options, while others fail to consider essential factors such as floor use and maintenance. 

Below, we’ll cover some crucial factors to consider before proceeding with your epoxy coating project. Here’s how to choose epoxy floor colors that make your driveway shine and ensure your project’s success.  

Consider the Setting and Its Purpose

Before getting too immersed in the epoxy concrete floor colors available, it helps to step back and think about the space you’re upgrading. Where are you installing your epoxy flooring, and what’s the ultimate goal for the project? 

If you’re working with concrete floors for an office building, you’ll want to do away with bold hues with a metallic finish, as they can be distracting. 

For garage makeovers, you’d likely choose different concrete epoxy colors from a professional setup. Carports that are used chiefly for parking vehicles are best decorated with hues that can hide tire marks and grease. Meanwhile, garages used for woodwork or other creative projects may be styled with earth-tone epoxy floor colors, as they can disguise sawdust well. 

Think About Maintenance

Choosing visually appealing epoxy floor coating colors helps ensure you’ll achieve a vibrant-looking garage or interior. However, it won’t stay that way without regular cleaning and maintenance. This is why it also helps to consider your availability and willingness to keep your epoxy floors clean when picking shades. 

Light epoxy floor coating colors may be appealing, but they can be more difficult to maintain. If installed in your carport, you may need to set aside time to wipe spills and clean the floor now and then. 

If you see no problem with this, going with lighter shades may be suitable for you and your lifestyle. Darker colors are your best bet if you’re often occupied with work and other activities, since they do not need to be cleaned as often as their lighter counterparts. 

Choose Your Finish

Epoxy floor coatings come in different finishes, each setting a unique tone for your flooring. For example, metallic finishes carry a polished, glossy appearance that adds a luxurious brilliance to concrete floors. They also allow light to bounce off the floor and make spaces look brighter. 

On the other hand, standard epoxy coating finishes are your more toned-down option. They create a simple, matte surface that’s perfect for medical facilities, business offices, schools, and other similar settings. 

You can also get flake systems, wherein randomly shaped vinyl flakes are sprinkled onto the epoxy concrete floor to add aesthetic flair. The flakes also help give concrete floors more traction, making it an excellent choice for property owners wanting to elevate the safety of their garage floors, while improving the overall look. 

Think of the Area’s Look and Feel

When working on game rooms, cellars, and other similar areas, it’s best to opt for colors that match your existing furniture and decor is a good idea. This is especially true if you want to maintain its current feel. In the same way, if you feel it’s time to give your garage a fun and invigorating look, consider bold concrete epoxy colors with metallic accents. 

Another important factor to consider is the room’s lighting. If your garage is small and dark, avoid black and other darker shades, as they can make your carport appear much smaller. Instead, go for off-white, light gray, and similar light tones to make it appear spacious. On the other hand, rooms with many windows may be better off with pale colors in standard finishes, as metallic surfaces can reflect natural light too much. 

Let Our Experts Help You Pick the Best Hues for Your Epoxy Coating Project 

The color and finish of your epoxy floor is vital to the success of your surfacing project, so we hope you found our tips on how to choose epoxy floor colors helpful as you decide. But if you’re still in doubt, know that you can always consult epoxy flooring professionals like The Driveway Company for expert advice. We have installed hundreds of epoxy coatings for residential and commercial customers and apply our experience to determine which epoxy color shades will work best on your property.  

Our friendly and professional technicians will be more than happy to answer your questions and assist you in getting the best epoxy concrete floor colors. Call us today to get started! 

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